Taidong Group is established in 1992, one of the earliest private company in Da ya wan area

Taidong Group is established in 1992, one of the earliest private company in Dayawan area. By 20 years consistent development, Taidong Group extended business to six areas concerning investment, real estate, construction, supply chain, resources, and finance. Taidong Group owns 40 plus independent entities in differentownership structures, such as wholly-owned, holding and equity participation.For years, Taidong Group makes healthy growth and national business presence,headquartered in Huizhou and spread out to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau.

Beside of Taidong’s own stable growth, Mr. Su Zhituan, also leads the company to champion all kinds of public interest causes, such as charity, poverty relief, disaster relief, education etc., total contribution more than $300 million. Taidong Group is recognized as “Top 10 Dayawan private companies”,“Guangdong Role Model of Contract and Credit Management”, “Huizhou Outstanding Labor Relation Company ”, “Special Reward for Contribution to Dayawan Education and Growth”, “Champion of Earthquake and Disaster Relief”, “Huizhou Charity Role Model”, “Huizhou Charity Reward”, “Guangdong Poverty Relief Gold Cup”, “ Dayawan Champion of Education and Teacher Contribution”etc.

Taidong People will uphold our four basic guidelines: Diversification, Global thinking- local commitments, Family culture - but not family management, HR hiring strategy-inside first, then outside. Our vision is: Be a great enterprise, and build a company to last for generations.

The above-mentioned rewards to Taidong Group is the recognition of the company’s contribution to Charity and public causes, as well as the recognition of Taidong President, Mr. Su Zhituan’s personal vision and values. Mr. Su Zhituan is Guangdong Provincial Council Delegate, Guangdong Top 10 Outstanding Youth, Honored President of Guangdong Charity Committee, Council Member of Guangdong Youth Entrepreneurs Association, Huizhou City Coucil Delegate, President of Huizhou Youth Commerce Association, Vice President of Huizhou Industry and Commerce Association, Top 10 Outstanding Dayawan People, President of Dayawan Industry and Commerce Association, Huizhou Honored Citizen, Huizhou Labor Role Model, Huizhou Top 10 Charity People, Permanent Honored President of Huiyang Charity Committee, Honored President of Dayawan Charity Committee, Vice President of Guangdong Logistics Association and Director of PetroChemical Committee etc.

We will continue to compete with scope and scale, mean management, and brand recognition. By diversification and industrial operation, Taidong group will build itself on three cornerstones: scale, brand and management, and grow into world-class competitor in the near future.

Chinese Character Taidong means “sunrise from the east, energetic”. By 20 years of development, Taidong Group becomes a private enterprise group, owning six divisions:investment, real estate, infrastructure, supply chain, resources ,finance.