Huizhou Huiyang Microcredit Corp.

Company Profile

Huizhou Huiyang Microcredit Corp. is founded in 2007. The company is the first microcreditcompany in Huizhou, and also one of the first 21 companies licensed to open business in microcredit market of Guangdong.
After 4 years’ successful experience, Huizhou Huiyang Microcredit Corp. teams up with Shanghai Pudong Development Co., Ltd to engage in Banking-united loan service, and cooperate with China Construction Bank to develop Micro Easy Money service. Later, foreclosure service is developed to meet local agent market demands, and becomes an instant success.

In March 2013, the companydeveloped Microcredit Loan to strengthen its product portfolio. The company is quick, flexible, and providing many finance services, combined with banks’ support, leading Danshui and Aotou market by 60% market share.
As the company grows fast, so does the management team, with more than 20 employees, and 1,000 loans, total 3,000 million rmb. Accumulated tax contribution in the 5 years more than 10 million rmb. The company’s current registered capital is 200 million rmb, and it’s the largest microcredit company in Huizhou.
Top 100 Huizhou Modern Industry, December 2012, and recommended to apply for “Guangdong Finance Innovation Award” by Huizhou Finance Bureau
“Guangdong Microcredit Association” founder company, February 2011, and proactively engaged in founding work. April 1, 2011, the association is approved by Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department.
Huizhou Finance Innovation Award 2010, and August 2011 honored by Huizhou City Government as Huizhou Municipal Finance Innovation Leading Company.
December 2011, elected as vice president company of Guangdong Microcredit Company Association, and is Huizhou only vice president company.