Taidong Highland leasing




      • Developers: Taidong Real Estate
      • Project condition : for rent
      • Opening time: the end of 2012
      •Project type: Shopping Mall
      •Location: Huizhou , Guangdong
      • Gross construction area: 190,000 square meter
      • Commercial area: 30,000square meters
      • Parking lot : 1569
      •Rent pattern: full rent
      • Address: renmin 4 road, huiyang , Huizhou,Guangdong ( people’s park)
      •Required business types: restaurant, clothing, food, electronic product,etc.
      •Hot line: +86-752-5557779

      &nbspTaidong. Highlandstands on a lot totally 33,000 square meters, with construction area 190,000 square meters ,located in CLD (central livingdistrict) of Huiyang District, close to Huiyang people square, nearby people’s park, enclosed within the green belt of the city.TaidongHighlandis the gateway from huiyang to Huizhou, Shenzhen, donguan, guangzhou, and 20 minutes to Longgang Center, 500 meters away from Danshui Station of Shenzhen subway route No 3, Which is g opening soon.
      Taidong Highland islocated in the bustling downtown of huiyang, beside its theme club , also hosting the internationally-noted Star Bucks and Jusco
      Street-front Stores and together withJusco , surely will build a new commercial center of Huiyang!